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The first ever deanon-proof VPN is now available. Unblock content, bypass restrictions and browse anonymously with BOOST VPN.

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11000+ Nodes
Choose among thousands of VPN nodes around the world to connect from.

110+ Countries
Geo-blocks and restrictions are no longer a concern with BOOST VPN.
Open-source, uncrackable security
We use OpenVPN and WireGuard®️ protocols, protecting your traffic with high-grade encryption.

Unlimited Petabytes of traffic
Join our global community advocating for censorship-free internet for all.


Dapp miners have become incredibly popular with the development of cakes and cryptocurrency miners.
We have created our own unique contract with a smart holding under the terms of a smart contract
Contract has been verified by several reliable auditors in the field of cryptocurrencies
Access to staking is open at the start of the boost platform, the value of our asset does not have significant fluctuations in bearish and bullish trades and is more stable to receive guaranteed assets in the form of boost tokens

Get reliable dividends thanks to a smart contract and our products such as VPN|SMS|Advertising Agency and other Boost ecosystem products
Become a shareholder of our decentralized community and deposit to the development of Web 3.0


The boost token will definitely be airdropping on its dapp platform. To participate in airdrops, you need to become a subscriber of social networks, the easiest way is for you to complete a program of tasks with instructions developed by our colleagues from different universities, presented on the freeboost website.
Social activity is the main task of the airdrop participants, help to globalize the decentralized community around the world and get access to the gifts that are included in the boost ecosystem

Tell your friends and subscribers about us, perhaps our product will be useful to someone and help them discover new Internet opportunities.



Opportunity to participate in pre-sale of private tokens with advantages
Financial growth
Participation in staking
Access to a private community
Participation in sweepstakes and airdrop
Access to software
Knowledge base
VIP Community Pass
Ability to buy BOOSTADS
Support Decentralization
Access to independent internet.

Join the holding of our coin now, our team will implement your ideas and implement the installed updates described in the roadmap and presentation
Be part of us


Boost Pre-Sale is based on the Binance Smart Chain as part of the development of the international binance network and the global decentralized internet program
Government tokens will subsequently be based on our nodes when organizing the main network

Current Main Network:
Binance Smart Chain

Contract BSC Network:


Pricing Plan



What makes us unique?

We don’t need your data
We simply do not need extra kilobytes of information on our servers - this is not financially profitable, and as part of the development of free Internet, we are one of the most loyal operators in this industry
At the same time, none of the community members can intercept even an extra byte
Military-Grade Encryption
We have collected all objectively available protection in the field of cyberdata.
Quantum-safe cryptography will protect you even from supercomputer attacks.
Your protection works like a reliable "Best Swiss Watch"
Choose the protection of the class you need
No Cyber Borders
Get unlimited access to videos, music, social networks and more from anywhere in the world.
Bypass these restrictions, get freedom no matter where you are
Universal protocols will allow you to connect even with a poor Internet connection and VPN blocking
Faster Than Your Internet
Advanced routing algorithm can make your internet connection even faster.
The global internet has become so fast that we have been able to provide multi-gigabit connections to anyone connected.
Your internet is accessible like never before

Our Partners


Generated smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain

Total supply - 800 M

Seed Funding 50,000,000 Vesting 3-24 Month|Discounts up to 40%
Strategic Pre-Sale 120,000,000 TGE|Sale of tokens to crypto enthusiasts
ADS Tokens 250,000,000 Redemption by advertisers at a higher rate
Long-term Staking 250,000,000 2|3|5 years lock|Profitable farm of early investors
Developers 80,000,000 Lock 24-120 Month|Share management Boost
Services 12,000,000 Lockup for Boost|Carrying out financial transactions
Liquidity 20,000,000 Lock ecosystem|Access to exchange markets
Partners&Advisors 8,000,000 Vesting,Long-Term Staking|Product promotion
Airdrop&Treasury 10,000,000 Vesting,Long-Term Staking|Rewards
$BST tokens are required for the full integration of BOOSTVPN into the ecosystem. Tokens will also be issued to node owners to incentivize increased decentralization and network stability. The team is working on the possibility of further expanding use cases, one of which is the XСrypto network. Integration into the ecosystem will allow replacing BEP-20 $BST tokens with native managerial cryptocurrencies XCR-880 $BSTVPN. $BST can be used not only to buy a VPN, but also for staking, which is necessary to run nodes and, in turn, to provide VPN services and make money from it. You can also delegate your share to other existing service nodes.

$BSTVPN could be used not only to purchase VPN, but also for staking, which is required for running nodes and in turn providing VPN services and earning from it. One can also choose to delegate their stake to other existing nodes providing services.
We plan new listings in the future, but we can’t comment on it due to the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) issues.
VPNs are legal and are used all around the world by individuals and companies alike, to safeguard confidential information and online activity.

Companies, government institutions and individuals popularly use VPNs to safeguard confidentiality and internet privacy while also using VPNs to access information and content to ensure their competitive edge vis-a-vis the rest of the world.

However, illegal online activity remains illegal, regardless of whether a VPN is used.
Yes, use the key on multiple devices.
Step 1: Download and install BOOST VPN suitable for your device.

Step 2: Complete your onboarding process and set up your BOOSTVPN account.

Step 3: Choose any one of our 1000+ servers around the world and enjoy unrestricted secure access to the Internet!

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With BoostVPN you are fully protected from unwelcome tracking and monitoring. Your internet browsing is more free and exciting!

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